Who We Are

MINDSET Focus And Concentration Training System (FACTS) is a two-fold instructional program that is designed to cultivate mindfulness to bring out students' inner potential.

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Our Mission

MINDSET FACTS is dedicated to the development of children by training their minds and bodies through the practice of yoga in a non-competitive, non-intimidating, fun, safe, and entertaining manner.

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Our Approach

We all know that your MINDSET is everything when it comes to accomplishing your goals. For children, MINDSET is even more important in the development of a strong and healthy mind. Yoga is an excellent tool to train the mind for a healthy balanced life.

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FACTS is specific: It specifically targets an increase in student achievement and learning capability;

FACTS is measurable: As with the implementation of other education improvement programs, the results can be tracked and measured regularly and readily;

FACTS is accountable: The system is backed by precedent (yoga is a growing part of recommended student activity around the country) and data; MINDSET is committed to the ongoing maintenance and success of the program; MINDSET will be there to adjust the application as necessary;

FACTS is relevant: MINDSET FACTS is part of the current movement, spreading rapidly, as part of student achievement solutions; increasing and improving our children’s education is always relevant!

FACTS is timely: The time is now. More than ever, with the rapid changes in the world and the profound impact these local and global reverberations have on students, all efforts must be made to figure out paths to academic victory and this system is part of the forefront of the future of the betterment of student productivity.

Next Steps...

We're partnering with schools, community centers and after school programs to implement the Mindset FACTS program. For more information, contact us now.